Las Cuevas

Only few kilometers away from Chile, Las Cuevas offers a different alternative in the middle of an impressive landscape.

Either in winter or in summer, nobody wants to miss the opportunity of enjoying the weather and the feelings offered to us by the mountains. Las Cuevas is a picturesque small village in the high mountains. Here, we can find cottages of a Nordic and Scandinavian style, made of woods and stones. One of the most characteristic constructions of this place is a building with a big doorway which was formerly the unique route to Chile.

Tourists are amazed at the majesty of the mountains and take hundreds of pictures in every landscape that astonishes them. In this touristic village, located between Tolosa (5432 meters) and Navarro (4547 meters) mountains, next to the International Route to Chile, languages mix and the minibuses transporting the tourists are multiplied. In the surroundings of the village, we can also find the picturesque Las Cuevas river and the International railway tunnel.

This is an ideal place to acclimatize before climbing the Aconcagua, and it is commonly visited by families and groups of friend. Among the available tours at this place, we can find: trekking to the “Glaciar del Hombre cojo” (Lame Man’s Glacier), to the Christ the Redeemer of the Andes, to the Tolosa mountain and “Quebrada del Matienzo”. Some of them can even be made without guidance. In winter, the most popular activities chosen by tourists are: cross-country skiing, ski touring and sledding.




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