Maipú: Wine and Olive route

The department of Maipú is located at 15 Km. from the city of Mendoza. It has an area of 717 Km.2, cultivated mainly with high quality grapes, olives, fruits and vegetables. As regards to wine-growing, it is located in the so called “First Zone” of the Republic of Argentina, due to its privileged agro-climatic conditions.

In Maipú there is a variety of companies set up in their most part in an industrial area that has all the services, and a strategic location due to its proximity to the bi-oceanic corridor that links Chile’s harbors to those in the Atlantic, through national routes 7 and 40, railways and the international airport.

In all of its districts the department of Maipú offers great places to visit: wineries, vineyards, camp sites, museums, agritourism activities, together with gastronomic services, and urban and rural lodging. All these can be enjoyed while going around the two circuits that make up the Wine and Olive Route.


Living with wine

Living with wine: it is the intimate coexistence with the most pure aspects of culture and folklore of the people of Maipú.

An experience that enriches the spirit with natural flavours and aromas, tours framed by the hospitality of the people, practicing of rural activities (sowing, harvesting, and making bread) and horseback riding among stunning vineyards and hills, are all activities you can enjoy.

Fincas (estates), fields, chacras (smallholdings), and farms offer us the possibility to discover natural products in their place of origin; to admire the native fauna and identify the methods used to raise exotic species. This tour is a must-do for the family; you can also enjoy games, celebrations, and many different recreational activities, with the option of lodgment included.

Luxury accommodation such as Club Tapiz, Finca Villa María, Bodega Cecchin, Vinalia, Casona Baquero, together with agricultural establishments with touristic services, and the olive oil factories Laur and Pasrai are mandatory places to visit on this tour.



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