The origin of wine

Driving distance: 120 km. Duration: 7 hours. Departure from the city of Mendoza.

This tour goes across Maipú district where visitors will see the area’s main crops: olive trees, vineyards, almond trees, cherry trees, and plum trees. Visitors will enjoy gorgeous views of Cordón del Plata mountain range all throughout the trip.

Roads lined with vineyards and olive trees will lead us to Familia Zuccardi Winery. Their friendly staff will take visitors on a tour around the premises and vineyards. It is in this pleasant, sunny place where the wine miracle is worked in the stock and all throughout the wine-making process.

A “5-wine lunch” at Casa del Visitante follows. This lunch meal will treat visitors to: local-style barbecue, empanadas (wrapped seasoned chopped beef) and dessert. These home-made dishes are accompanied by 5 different varieties of Zuccardi wines.


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