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Excursiones desde Malargüe: Castillos de Pincheira

Tours from Malargüe

CAVERNA DE LAS BRUJAS, MANQUI MALAL y CHIHUIDO Duration: 8 hours. Departure from Malargüe. Caverna de Las Brujas, ...

Adventure Tourism

Luján de Cuyo city

Río Mendoza en Ruta 82

Mendoza River

The Mendoza River is a meltwater river that has it sources in Aconcagua Mountain. It receives water from many affluents:...

Maipú city

Museo del Vino y la Vendimia

Wine Legacy

Maipú was the chosen department by the European immigrants who wanted to keep one of their most exciting family traditi...


El Techo de América: Aconcagua, pared sur

The Roof of the Americas

It stands out as a reference to get to Parque Nacional Aconcagua, 180 km far from Mendoza city, near the borderline with...
Historia de los ascensos: Cementerio de los Andinistas

History of ascents

Aconcagua’s long history continues to grow, even today, there are experiences that range from archeological discoverie...
Expediciones al Aconcagua

Aconcagua Expeditions

To reach the base of the hill, from the city of Mendoza, one must take the same path that leads to Chile, which is not i...